I recently got an inquiry from someone asking if I ever come to Canberra. Since I need 2-3 sessions to make the trip worthwhile I sent an email out to my contacts down there asking if they knew anyone who’d be interested in booking me. They didn’t even need to spread the word because two of them booked me themselves! One was Mouse’s owner who I had a session with last time I was down there. Unfortunately they no longer have Rosie but they have a new Whippet, Possum, who they wanted to add to their wall of dog photos.

fawn whippet on cobblestones

Much like Mouse, Possum was very well behaved and a dream to photograph. My brief was to focus mostly on her but also get some photos of both dogs together.

fawn whippet on cobblestones

fawn whippet with legs on beam

fawn whippet with backlight

While getting them to stand together was no issue, getting Mouse to prick her ears was a big challenge. I won though!

two whippets on a rock

two whippets on a rock

Photographing running Whippets in the late afternoon isn’t my most favourite thing to do (as they need a very fast shutter speed that forces me to put my ISO in the super grainy range). Possum was kind to me though, she didn’t run too fast and I was able to keep my settings where I like them.

fawn whippet running towards camera

fawn whippet full stride

Canberra doesn’t have any coastline but they do have a great big lake, over 6.5 kilometres square. Standing on the edge of it was the perfect spot to be able to include that big dramatic looking sky.

blue whippet wide angle

fawn whippet wide angle

There was a wedding ceremony happening in the same park with lots of kids running around but these two superstars were unfazed.

two whippets standing side by side in park

I love their inquisitive expressions in this shot. Such beautiful dogs they are.

two inquisitive whippets against blue sky with off camera flash

Their owner runs the Canberra Dog Walks website. If you’re local to the area or even just passing through with your dogs you should check it out.

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