It seems fitting to blog this session next because Peityn’s owner referred Bodhi’s owner to me. They compete in agility together. I want to say running pairs but I have a feeling that might not be the correct name for it.

Being an agility dog, Bodhi is fairly go, go, go! But he loves his food and is very good at giving puppy dog eyes while he waits for a treat.

dog with soulful eyes

He’s a retriever mix so it was pretty fitting that his current favourite toy is a squeaky bird and he carried it around in his mouth for 90% of the session – as you’ll see! (He jumped in the creek within minutes of arriving, so he’s kinda damp in some of the photos.)

retriever with toy chicken in mouth

Every time I sat them together Jas held onto Bodhi’s ear like a security blanket. I feel quite stooged that my security blanket as a child didn’t have four legs, a tail and velvety soft ears.

labrador with young girl holding his ear

When he wasn’t holding it in his mouth he was chucking it at my feet with so much unwarranted presumption that I would throw it for him. He must have some very well trained people in his life.

retriever with toy chicken in mouth

I found it a bit dark down on the track so I moved the shoot back up the stairs to their back garden. Good call, don’t you reckon?

labrador lying on grass with young girl

Getting a nice shot of these two besties together was my brief but 50% of the participants were very unwilling. I amazed everyone by getting this, especially myself.

labrador being hugged by young girl

Bodhi’s latest trick was “sitting pretty”. He liked to offer it when anything was asked of him. Anything at all.

dog sitting pretty

When the light started to fade in their garden I asked if there was anywhere else we could go, not expecting to be met with “yes, to the neighbours”! Despite having two dogs and a cat of their own we were all welcome to invade their space to finish off the session. How’s that for community spirit?

dog getting hug from young girl

smiling dog on bench

Bodhi left his red chicken at home but that was ok because he found this blue one that he’d left behind on a previous visit, I cracked up!

dog with toy chicken in mouth

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