Like I posted on my Facebook page after Thelma’s session … people that book me because they’re having a destination wedding and they want their dog to be included in the slideshow played at it, are definitely my kind of people!

Meet Thelma. It was approximately a million degrees celsius on the day of her photoshoot.


She soon perked up when she saw there was food though!


She has been in Adam’s life for twelve years now and having spent only a few hours with them I can imagine they were very happy years. You’d struggle to find a more sweet and gentle natured dog.


When her people brought me for a little tour of the communal area at their apartment complex I worried about having a Lab off lead around water after such a hot day, but Thelma isn’t a fan, not even a little bit.



A bit of furnace like heat and her age weren’t about to stop her from running around her local park.



Then she was ready for the family photo.


And, while she was up there… I do love a dog on a bench.



And with that, we finished the session the same way it started. Horizontal.


I hope you have an amazing wedding Adam and Della. I was really honoured that you chose me to take Thelma’s photos for the slideshow.

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