Back in October I got a very desperate sounding email asking if I could fit in a session as soon as possible with Sooty the fourteen year old Kelpie mix. I thought the worst, but was relieved to find out that it was because one of her people was heading overseas for a long work contract and wanted photos of her to bring.


Sooty suffers from bad arthritis, but she was having a good day and boy is she food driven, so she was very easy to work with.


Lucy is considerably younger and wasn’t really too sure about the whole modelling malarkey.


I had to be quick with the treats or she got bored and wandered off.


The tide had come in quite far when I was doing this shot and despite trying really hard to dodge the crashing waves I failed a bit miserably and ended up doing the rest of the shoot in wet shoes. It was worth it though!


After the rocks we moved on to another location with more light, because you all know how I love a bit of flare and bokeh.




Sooty’s owners asked for a beach location because, despite her age, she still enjoys a run in the sand. So, as the sun set, that’s exactly what she did.



And we wrapped it up with one last shot of all the girls together.


The weather in Sydney has been nothing short of awful for the last few weeks. I’m having quite major photography withdrawals. The blog may be quiet for a while until I can start scheduling sessions again. Hopefully this little glimpse of sunshine will tide you over until then.

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