I was going to wait until I’d done a proper on-location shoot with Jax before I introduced him to my blog followers, but I included him our Christmas photo so if I didn’t do this post people might think we’d totally lost the plot and adopted a fifth dog!


Most puppies that pass through here are fosters, but Jax isn’t, he’s very much owned and loved. There was a sudden death in his family so an urgent call went out for someone to mind a quiet Rottweiler puppy for a couple of months while his owner was unable to. Dave and I love the breed and were in a position to say yes, so we did. The little man arrived exactly two weeks ago, got straight into the paddling pool and has been somewhere between soaking wet and damp ever since. He loves it!




Like most puppies that spend time living here Uncle Bruno is the favourite. Probably because he’s still a big puppy himself.


Poor Uncle Bruno is covered in little scabs from puppy nips. He doesn’t care, so I’m trying realllllly hard not to either. But NOT THE FACE Jax!!

I had my lights set up for the Christmas photo yesterday so before packing them away I did a mini shoot with Jax on the dining room table. What? Doesn’t everyone take photos of their dog on the dining table??



Bruno, who had no interest in having his photo taken before now, suddenly felt very left out. So I let him join his little friend in the limelight.



We’re not sure how long mister man will be staying with us, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last you see of him on here.

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