I often meet people who tell me I could never get a good photo of their dog because it’s not well trained. I tell them that I do a lot of work with completely untrained rescue dogs and puppies so it’s definitely not a pre-requisite. Having said that, it’s always a pleasure to get a booking to photograph a dog whose questionnaire has as many things listed in the “what tricks does your dog know” section as Archie’s did!


This gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog belongs to John Gault from Human Training for Dogs (website coming soon). When I arrived, Archie came out to the front to greet me and grabbed a pine cone on his way back inside. He was told to drop it but I thought it was cute so I asked if he could keep it. For a few photos anyway.



After some prancing around the garden with his forbidden pine cone we packed up and went to a nearby park where Archie showed me what a clever clogs he is.



Then he chased the ball for a while and showed me how slowly he could trot back with the ball. Impressively slow!


He puts all his energy into the catch I suppose.


Some of the photos will be used on John’s website, so there was the obligatory dog and owner photo. I got scolded for not making him look more like Ryan Gosling but I told him that’s an issue he needs to take up with his parents.


Then back to training. John uses toys to train Archie as it’s more fun and keeps him interested, especially since he’s not a very food driven dog.


He didn’t take his “bang, you’re dead” routine very seriously. Have you ever seen a happier corpse?


As the clouds came over and the sky became very dark we finished with one last shot of Archie doing a long drop stay at a distance. So much handsome right there.


Once John’s website is up and running I’ll share it on my Facebook page. If you’re in or around the Balgowlah area and you need help with your dog, let me know and I can put you in touch.

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