While I was away teaching the Zoomies Pet Photography Workshops I received an email from Morty and Archie’s owner (we’ve never met, but we’ve known each other online for years as both dogs wear Ruthless Leather). I was very saddened to read that Morty had lymphoma at only five years of age. They were starting chemo but were unsure how much longer they’d have with him and asked if I could fit them in for a session as soon as possible.


Despite the long drive down from Newcastle Morty was in great spirits when we met for the shoot. If it wasn’t for the large shaved patch on his shoulder you wouldn’t have known he was unwell. He was having a good day.


While I was taking Morty’s photos I overheard Archie being coached – “try not to look stupid”. In fairness, I don’t think he tried all that hard!


Archie is the younger of the two. When he was very young he had a melanoma on his eyeball and was very lucky not to lose his eye. It did result in permanent damage though and he has a slight squint if it’s bright.


Getting these two to sit together was a mission as they had to be tethered and Archie kept insisting on getting the lines tangled, but perseverance won out in the end.


This spot had such pretty light streaming through the trees. I ended up wearing more mud and shrubbery than I ever have before, but it was worth it!





With many years of obedience training under his belt Morty was very good at taking direction and helping me get the money shots.


My shoots aren’t all about standing around looking pretty, there’s always time for running around like a crazy.



Just before the last tiny bit of orange sun vanished behind the horizon we did a couple more shots of the boys together. Their owners love the first one so much it’s going on a big canvas and their album cover.



Last week I received the wonderful news that the chemo worked and Morty is now in remission. Here’s hoping he stays that way for many years.

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