For some reason, when I received a Shoestring Session booking for Karma the 12 year old rescue Staffy mix, I painted a mental picture of a decrepit little old dear. As the owner of an almost 10 year old Staffy who is still mental as anything I should have known that I’d be met by a dog that’s full of beans and ready for fun.

She took me outside, to the top level of her three tier domain, and lapped up every single drop of attention. And all of the treats.


Food? For me?


I’ll have all the belly rubs now thanks. Our almost 10 year old “Angel” is the same, a massive tart!


Karma suffered a spinal stroke a few years ago and they thought she was gone, but they got her to the emergency vet in time and she pulled through. The way she plays with a ball and trots up and down the steps of her garden would leave you amazed to hear she was once paralysed.


Once she cottoned on to the whole sitting pretty equals food concept she was a dream to work with.


Karma is definitely one of the lucky ones with a private beach and a swimming pool of her very own!



At the end of Karma’s garden is a little dock which would’ve been perfect for a silhouette shot, if madam here wasn’t insisting on sitting on top of me for pats and cuddles. I managed a few low light portraits with the Anzac Bridge in the background before she let me know she’d had enough and trotted back to the house!


I left Karma’s shoot with a smile on my face and hope that I still have quite a few good years left in my elderbulls. Staffys don’t grow old, they only go grey.

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