I’ve been waiting a long time to blog this shoot, but I can finally share all the photos with you now. Much earlier in the year you might remember that I drove to Brisbane (right, I did it before Zoomies and didn’t learn my lesson the first time!) to pick up some mangey puppies and Zeus – all victims of BSL that needed to get out of Queensland or they would be killed. If you don’t know Zeus’ story, you can read it here. Unfortunately, Brisbane City Council moved the goalposts and changed their demands so Zues was unable to be collected that weekend. With the help of Team Dog and BAWP he was finally released a couple of weeks later and transported to his foster carer in Canberra – via me so I could take some photos.

Em lives in the ACT, which is BSL free, so she was the perfect candidate for fostering Zeus. She fell in love with him before he’d even arrived and knew she’d probably end up adopting him. Which she did a few weeks later. With his new life came a new name – Daxter. Em and I have been online friends for many years so when she heard I was taking bookings for sessions in Canberra she got in touch and I promptly invited myself and Bruno to stay with her! It worked out well though because it meant I was able to take lots of candids as well as official session photos. Everyone, I’d like you to meet the dog that Brisbane City Council wanted to kill because, by their reckoning, his appearance predicts future behaviour and therefore he’s a threat to community safety …

A more social dog you will not meet. All four of these lovelies are rescue blockheads. Bruno and Dax had never met each other or the other dogs, but they all got on like a house on fire. They played with toys, they were given treats and not once did anyone behave inappropriately. It was such a lovely afternoon full of smiles and laughter.


That afternoon we went into the beautiful Canberra countryside and Dax modelled like a pro. It’s fair to say he only has one camera face, but that’s ok, it’s a very handsome one. If a little frinkly and concerned looking!



This photo is the reason I was asked not to blog this session straight away. The dog who nearly lost his life because of the way he looks is now an international calendar star! Daxter is Mr October in The Unexpected Pit Bull 2015 calendar.




Despite the relatively short time that they’d lived together, Dax and Em had already formed a very close bond. He can’t keep his eyes off her … unless of course there are people in the distance that require his full attention.




No Dax, tell us what you really think about the matching hats?


The next morning I attempted to get some photos of Dax with his bestie, Yoda the kitten. Neither were especially willing participants.


We decided to go to the park instead, so him and Bruno could hoon around some more. They’re kinda BFFs now.


Afterwards we went for breakfast where Dax sat calmly, surrounded by heaps of people and other dogs. A threat to society? Not so much.


You can follow Daxter’s adventures on Facebook. He’s quite the goofball. If you live in Canberra and would like to book a session with me send me an email. Once I have enough interested parties I’ll schedule a trip down. Any excuse to see Dax and Em again.

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