Never in my wildest dreams did I think a shoot with two Husky puppies would be so enjoyable! Having owned one before and all the time I’ve spent photographing dogs for Arctic Breed Rescue has left me with the (commonly held) belief that they’re a stubborn bunch who like to break my heart. Snow and Thor have been receiving obedience training so they were actually remarkably well behaved for me.

Snow is just seven months old, but she’ll do anything for food. Without food she won’t even do a fraction of anything, but that was ok, cause I had food. Lots of it.


Thor is still a baby at four months old, and boy did he learn to work the camera quickly!


Would you just look at him?


Snow was on duck watch.


It’s not often that I get to photograph Huskies offlead, but these two were very good about staying nearby and not wanting to go on long distance adventures!



After their runaround it was time for family portraits in every configuration imaginable!



Aren’t they a good looking family?!


It was pretty much dark as we made our way back to the car park, but I needed to capture that beautiful orange sunset before we called it a day.



In my pre-session questionnaire their owner indicated that she might like one of my collections that includes an album, so I put this layout together for her. (The watermarking on every page is to prevent image theft, they wouldn’t be printed on the actual album.)

Puppy owners of Sydney come at me! You don’t need to wait until your little one is older, I have bucketloads of experience working with young dogs and baby puppies. Now is a great time to capture all that cuteness to enjoy in later years.

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