When my friend opened up his home to a foster goat I made it very clear that I was available to do his adoption photos. Cause really, how often do you get to photograph an indoor goat that wears nappies and a different outfit every day?!

I was greeted at the door by this cheeky little face.


Then he showed me all the things he likes to chew on around the house, starting with his absolute favourite, the glass coffee table.


He’s just discovered how to get up on the couch and likes to head butt and nibble on the cushions. He has a particular penchant for the most expensive one.


Sushi isn’t used to sharing the limelight. She liked to check in (often) to see if it was her turn to work the camera yet.


“There’s a Pug behind me, isn’t there?”


“There’s a goat behind me isn’t there?”


Bebop is only three weeks old so he’s still being bottle fed.


How do you make a baby goat instantly cuter? Add a milk beard.


“Did someone say cute?”


Afterwards he went right back to showing me his chew toys.


There may have been a goat shower of sorts when Bebop arrived. This balloon left over from the festivities has lasted well, despite his best efforts to burst it.


Learning to goat.


“Is it my turn yet?”


After an outfit change we bundled into the car and went on-location where Bebop unleashed his inner naughty kid.


Giving him more things to chew made him happy.


And running. Running made him really happy.


What? It’s just a baby goat running across a bridge in a nappy and an Hawaiian shirt. No big deal.


“Can we run some more Daddy?”


I don’t care what you say, I’m calling it, THAT’S A HEAD TILT!!


And with that, little Cowboy Bebop lay down on his goaty laurels and decided we were done with photos.


“What about now?”


If you want to follow Bebop’s adventures you can do so on Instagram and Facebook. He’ll be looking for a home soon too, so if you’re a crazy goat person keep an eye out for his Pet Rescue profile.

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