Behold the lovely clean and dry Sasha.


Did you behold? Because you won’t be seeing her again for the rest of this blog post! Before letting her off lead I asked if she was likely to run into the water, because I planned to get some dry dog photos first. Her owner reassured me that she doesn’t like to get wet. Our dogs love to make liars of us, don’t they?






With all her excess energy burned off she finally agreed to sit still for me. But after each shot she had to go looking for the ball again. There’s something very addictive about those squeaky little devils.



Before I wrapped up her Shoestring Session I asked Sandy if she wanted to be in any of the photos. She said yes please and that she had something in particular in mind. Boy did Sasha make me work for it, but twenty minutes later I finally got the shot!


Sasha’s session was a birthday present for Sandy from a good friend of hers. If you’d like to arrange a session as a gift for someone close send me an email and we can discuss your options. I also sell gift vouchers which start at $150.

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