As we were driving to the location for 10 year old Xas’ session his owner told me that he’s been through the wars recently – he had vestibular disease and while he was at the vet receiving treatment for that he picked up a paralysis tick. It was a very difficult time for them. He also has hypothyroidism and after our shoot he was scheduled to have a lump removed from his head. He wasn’t about to let any of that stop him from smiling though!




I love working with dogs that do what they’re told!


After his glamour shots he finally got to do what he’d been itching to do – fetch stones from the water. He is a retriever after all.



While he stood there waiting for a stone to be thrown, his wagging wet tail with the sun behind him created the most beautiful sparkly bokeh.


Soaking wet and exhausted but still ready to chase his stone some more.



Great dog, great location, great light. All the ingredients for a perfect session.

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