LuLu’s owner was gifted a mini-session with me by her friend for her 30th birthday (what a nice friend!!). I love Sheltie’s, they’re such pretty little dogs, so I was really excited when she got in touch to schedule her shoot.



LuLu was a bit camera shy but she’s good at sitting and staying, so I just worked with what she gave me. The over-the-shoulder smile was her signature look!


She thought I was pretty funny.



Despite being ten years old and arthritic, she still loves to run. Look at that smile and her pretty locks flowing in the wind.


If Lulu’s owner chose to buy the running shot, don’t worry, I’d edit it so she doesn’t have a white post growing out of her head!

If you’re a really nice friend also and would like to buy a gift voucher for someone (they make great Christmas gifts) just shoot me an email.

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