Ladies and gentlemen – meet Ruby!


Regular followers of my blog are probably thinking she’s another MonElite Dobermann, but she’s not. She does have similar lines in her pedigree though, so you’re not that far off the mark.


We started her session at home where Ruby made me try every trick in the pet photographer’s handbook to get photos of her – owners there, owners not there, food, no food, toys, noises, tethered, action – we tried them all!


But Ruby only wanted one thing – to run!



I don’t tend to shoot in offlead areas, but I’m glad I made the exception this time because when we got there it was totally empty and it was actually quite a nice park. After running for well over half an hour she finally did something I was wondering if she’d ever do – she stopped moving for more than a nano second.



And just before the light totally faded, she even lay down. Briefly!


I won’t lie, she made me work hard for these shots, but I hope you agree that it was well worth it in the end. If you’d like to see part of the finished product, you can see her wall cluster on my Facebook page.

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