I won’t lie to you – I knew Fetching Dog‘s Gambit was 99% adopted when I took his “adoption photos”. Generally with odds like that I’ll cancel the shoot, but I had seen many photos of Gambit on Facebook over the last few weeks and I was itching to photograph him before he went to his new home. Just for me, for fun. Because JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

Gambit has an underbite which makes him look like he’s permanently pouting. Isn’t it just adorable? He also has an extraordinarily long face which I promise I only exaggerated with a wide angle lens in one photo! [Ok, maybe two.]

Gambit’s gone to live with Izzy and her people. He couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the rest of his life. Good luck gorgeous boy – we’ll be in touch for a Bruno play date!

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