I don’t know about you, but if I woke up to this face every morning I reckon I’d have a permanent smile on my face!

Gibbons is very high up there on my list of favourite dogs. He’s such a happy dog with a huge lust for life.

I’ve yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like a Cuz toy, but with some it really brings out their extra “special” side. My friend reckons they should be called derp toys!

I didn’t bring the flirt pole for Gibbons as we were just doing a mini session in their back garden, but he sniffed it out of my toy bag as soon as I arrived so I figured we may as well try for some jumping shots. I think his owners will need to buy him one, he went crazy for it.

Apparently it’s good for tugging on too.

“You’re leaving so soon, nice treat dispensing lady?”

Thanks for the good times Gibbons, you’re awesome!

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