When Izzy’s owner contacted me about arranging a shoot I was so excited because I’d seen photos of her on Cocoa’s page and I knew she was really photogenic. A few weeks before the shoot she came over to be measured for a collar and I saw how food motivated she was. Combine those with a lovely house and garden and you’ve got the key ingredients for a great shoot!

Izzy was adopted from Blacktown Pound about a year ago. Her history is unknown, but boy has she landed on her feet. Her owners adore her and you can tell from her smile that she’s pretty happy with her new life.

Izzy’s owner won Happy Paws Training Treats in the Staffy Rescue mega fundraiser. She finds them more than a little mouthwatering!

After some running around and a game of tug she cooled down with water from the hose. A favourite of my dogs too!

I adore her sticky up ear. It gives her so much character and I found it to be a great sun blocker for backlit shots as well.

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