We took the Ruthless Leather stand down to the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria’s Championship Show at the weekend. It was a fleeting visit, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of photo sessions while we were there. First up were Cazzie’s three Boston Terriers – Amby, Jack and Maddie. She had warned me that Jack thinks everything is all about him, so to avoid any disappointment I started with just him. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

Maddie is a lot quieter than Jack, but she still has a very cheeky side. Every now and again she’ll go into a playbow before zooming off!

Every birthday Cazzie’s dogs get a new outfit and have a party. Maddie’s favourite is this little pink leopardskin number! [Don’t be fooled by the long face, believe me, she was more than happy to put it on!!]

Amby joined us at the end and I put them all on the bench for a group photo…

…she didn’t hang around for long though… and soon after that Maddie decided she’d had enough too so we called it a day!

Cazzie’s a brilliant digital artist. She won the MDBA Dog Owner’s Choice Award for Best Canine Photographer/Artist the year before I did. Her Facebook fan page is here. Thanks for a fun morning Cazzie!

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