Wowwwwwwww, long time no update. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but it’s a secret so you’re going to have to wait to hear about it!

Recently we donated a voucher for a custom-made collar to MDBA PACERS to raffle off to raise funds for Bully‘s cancer operation. The winner owns Slipstream the Whippet so we got to make our first sighthound collar. She chose the Asteroid Belt design and requested this style of martingale. They came and picked it up in person so I could photograph Slippy wearing it. He cracked out his “blue steel” face for the occasion!!

We made two more custom pieces since our last update. First was the Supernova. A 5/8″ chestnut and aged brass show set and matching lead for a Stafford. She’ll be owning the ring in this little number!! Hopefully she’ll win big to make up for the fact that her naughty brother ate her brand new Asteroid Belt collar. *gasp*

Second was the wide Lunatic collar with a matching handsfree leash. The Lunatic is a cross between The Nightowl and The Asteroid Belt. This one is silver with blue and clear reflectors, but it’s also available in brass with red and/or amber reflectors. Luna the Great Dane belongs to fellow pet photographer Charlotte Reeves. Here she is wearing a matching hands free leash [no, that wasn’t her preferred photo to go on my blog, something to do with Luna looking unhappy I think!]. If you’re a dog/cat/horse owner in the Gold Coast or Brisbane you should check out Charlotte’s website.

We’ve also been busy making matching cuffs. Apparently they’re all the rage! We designed them to match your dog’s collar, but they look great on their own too.

All these new designs are now on the website. If you’re waiting for a small dog collar or a chain martingale collar [or something else] just email us, we have all the materials here ready to go. If you’re the first to order a specific piece you may get to have your dog photographed modeling it for the website!*

* If you’re in Sydney and willing to travel to us in the Eastern Suburbs.

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