If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen me announce that I’d lined up shoots with three Boston Terriers and a Chinese Crested while we were in Melbourne. Well you’ve seen the Bostons and now here’s Kyuss… you’d be right in thinking she’s a funny looking Chinese Crested! She’s Mischiefmaka Miss Persuasion*, an American Staffordshire Terrier. She belongs to the breeder that made Oscar and Bell. It was far too cold for Harley the Chinese Crested to be outside with no coat on so I’ll have to wait until it’s warmer to shoot him.

As you can probably tell from the ground in that photo it was raining slightly. Kyuss didn’t mind though, she was all about the treats and finding the best route to my hand. Be it jumping on the sofa…

…or jumping on me!

In an attempt to get her to stay still for a few seconds I put her in a chair, but she cracked the sads. I couldn’t stand to look at that miserable face so I let her down and she decided to go and jump on Dave instead – allowing me to take a gratuitous bum shot! Nice ass Kyuss!

Thanks for your hospitality SJ. See you in a few months for Pony’s shoot 😀

* I’m going to put a little disclaimer in here for SJ… as the plan was to shoot Harley, Kyuss wasn’t prepared for the shoot. Even unwashed and untrimmed I still think she’s pretty gorgeous though!

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