Several months ago I saw a picture of Oscar on a dog forum. He comes from Mischiefmaka Kennels in Victoria. I’ve admired their dogs for a long time and I’m especially partial to the whiteys! I sent a message to Oscar’s owner and asked if I could photograph him. Life kind of got in the way and I didn’t get around to doing the shoot until today.

I was kicking myself that I hadn’t done it before the clocks changed ’cause getting up at 5am nearly killed me! It nearly killed Oscar too, he’s definitely not a morning dog!!

When I arrived I couldn’t believe how sweet and smoochy and calm he was. For a dog that’s not even two yet he put my lot of crazies to shame. After a few minutes of cuddles we dragged sleepyhead outside to do a bit of modeling.

Being so handsome can get boring so he alleviated it with the occasional bout of zoomies!!

I had a wonderful idea to put him in this chair in front of the trees to get some nice bokeh, but Oscar thought it sucked so he pulled a few “woe is me” faces and then pissed off!

I can haz treat?

Settling in for a hard earned nana nap 🙂

Unfortunately I wasn’t stealth enough to smuggle him into my car when I was leaving! Such a gorgeous dog. He’s a testament to his owners and his breeder 🙂

UPDATE JUNE 2011: Oscar’s owner got one of my photos tattooed onto his arm!! Check it out on my Facebook page here.

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