We’re getting there, slowly but surely! The fine tuning on the website is finished and I hope to start populating it next week. We still haven’t 100% finalised our hardware, so the whole range may take some time to get up there. It will be worth the wait though!

This is a 1.5″ black leather collar with a burgundy panel, silver hardware and screw details. This is Trixie’s new everyday collar, I just love it on her.

This is a chestnut and brass variation of the black and silver spotty collar modeled by Furia in the last update.

This is a 1″ antique brass version of Zero’s collar seen here. The brass has been oxidised to give it a weathered look. [Angel’s ears crack me up, Dave was squeaking a toy to get them pricked cause they were sitting on the collar!]

This is my new cuff as someone bought my last one from me in the RSL one night! [A version of my last one can be seen in this post.]

We’ve improved the design of all our leads by adding a d-ring up near the handle. This means that you can wear it around your chest when you’re at the dog park and your dog’s off-lead.

This is another new design. It’s a 3/4″ lead with an extra snap and d-ring. It can function as a normal long lead or it can be clipped over your shoulder allowing you to walk your dog hands-free. It’s ideal for use with dogs that don’t pull on the lead. Unlike Ivan!

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