We custom made a tracking harness for Divani [Furia‘s mother], so I called over yesterday to photograph it on her. As it needs to be attached to a collar and lead we made a few additional pieces for her to wear for the shoot.

She was happily napping on her sofa until we rudely awoke her and made her go to the park for some modeling.

She’s a good girl though and she rose to the challenge.

This is Furia wearing the collar above. It’s a 1″ black collar with silver spots. It will also be available in brown or burgundy with silver or brass hardware.

The lead on the left is a 5/8″ 7ft black lead with a different braiding style than the usual 3/4″ leads. The one on the left is a grab tab. It’s really handy when training a dog to be off lead.

This is a 1.5″ version of Chopper’s reflector collar that we made for Bean the Staffy x. It’s black leather with silver hardware and red reflectors. Also shown is a matching 4ft lead.

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