After months of research and planning I can now cross all these things off my list:

– Source suppliers of strongest hardware available.

– Buy cow hides in black, brown and burgundy of the finest quality bridle leather [sorry vegan friends!].

– Design website and outsource to techy nerdy web person to build!

– Train Dave to be chief leatherworker.

– Make agreement with Dave that I’m the designer and working together won’t end in divorce!!

It’s been a productive few months, but we’re not there yet. It’ll probably be the end of January before we can launch. Even though we’re not officially taking orders yet, a couple of people begged and pleaded and lavished me with compliments which left it impossible for me to turn them away!

The first is a collar and lead set for a Husky. Shell liked the collar I made for Rocco and asked for something similar in black and silver. Because the collar will be surrounded by Zero’s thick mane I stepped up the bling so you can’t miss it!

Here’s Ivan modeling it. Begrudgingly!

The second piece is a cuff for a friend of a friend. I made one in black and silver for myself a few months ago. Sophie admired it so I gave it to her for her birthday. Her friend loved it so much that she commissioned me to make one for his birthday! I decided to make it using antique brass hardware so it’s similar but not exactly the same.

When we go live, both of these will be available to buy in black, brown or burgundy leather with either silver or brass hardware.

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