In the words of my client … | Pet Photos Sydney

May 20, 2017 | Leave a reply

… go big or go home!

small black oodle dog shot from above with head tilted

My brief was to get a photo like one on my website of a dog on a wooden deck with it’s head tilted – how’d I do?! Huge props to Bella for making my job really easy. I’ll have to pop another bag of treats in with this 30×45″ framed print of her when it’s ready, I owe her one for making me look good.

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Remembering Noah | Photos of Terminally Ill Pets

May 18, 2017 | Leave a reply

The plan was to photograph Noah during my #squishyfacecrew book project but an unexpected cancer diagnosis meant his shoot had to be brought forward urgently. His owner is a vet nurse. He was brought into her place of work to be euthanised when he was eight years old, due to severe demodex. She instantly fell in love with him and asked if he could be signed over to her instead. Her background and experience meant she was in a good position to get his health issues under control. She gave him four good years and he gave her complete devotion in return.

Noah was blind and deaf but like any self-respecting Pug his sense of smell was sharp as a tack! I had prepared myself for a difficult shoot but he turned out to be great to work with, so long as the treats flowed freely.

senior black pug dog sitting on rock

He sassed me when I kept him hanging.

senior black pug dog standing on rocks with funny face

senior black pug dog sitting on rock

How gorgeous is his smile? He took all the unfamiliar surfaces in his stride that day. (Actually there was no striding, he was carried between each location. Someone had a sore back by the end of it!)

smiling old black pug dog standing on rock against big blue sky

smiling old black pug dog standing on rock against big blue sky

Those good ol’ Pug crazy eyes.

crazy eyes old black pug dog sitting on rocks

Stand on a branch? Sure, why not.

old black pug dog standing on wooden branch

Sit amongst the twigs looking adorable? Nailed it.

old black pug dog sitting amongst twigs

Noah was given his wings just days later, shortly before what would have been his twelfth birthday. When it came time to edit his session these photos really tugged at my heart strings. His love for his rescuer was undeniable.

old black pug dog sitting between owner's feet and looking up

old black pug dog sitting between owner's feet and looking up

Before the sun set we found another rock to put him on where he delighted us all by sitting like a baby seal. Too bloody cute! It was no surprise when it was one of those photos that was chosen for my client’s private Ruthless Photos gallery. (I’ve photographed so many of her dogs she has more of my photos on her walls than I do in my studio!)

senior black pug dog sitting in front of sunset sky

senior black pug dog sitting like a seal on a rock in front of sunset sky

I shared a digital page-turn of Noah’s album on my Instagram if you want to check it out.

I may have launched the #squishyfacecrew book project after Noah’s passing but that doesn’t mean he missed out, I’ve saved a spot especially for him. If you own a squishy and would like to join Noah and others in my next book applications are now open.

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Bella and Beryl | Sydney Dog Photographer

May 16, 2017 | Leave a reply

When a dog comes into your life and you love everything about them it’s not uncommon to want more of the same when adding a second dog to the household (or third and fourth in my case!). Bella was such a great puppy, when she was a year old her owners went back to the same breeder to get a sister for her. That’s when Beryl the Peril came along and havoc ensued! In her defence, this was the story I was told, I didn’t think she was any naughtier than the least naughty of my four dogs.

We started at their home where she showed me she was quite excellent at jumping on and off the furniture. (Mostly off when I wanted her on, but that’s ok, I’m quick!)

two schnauzers sitting in a chair

Good girl Bella would have sat there all day so long as I kept the liver treats coming.

schnauzer sitting in bright blue chair

Beryl can sure turn on the cute. I don’t believe a word they say about her.

schnauzer on wooden deck with paw raised

The other household pets got to be included in the shoot too.

two schnauzers standing on a leather sofa with fish tank in background

Then it was off to the park for some running around.

schnauzer chasing pink bone toy

Helloooooo tongue!!

schnauzer running with tongue hanging out

You know a good head tilt will make any dog my instant favourite.

schnauzer standing on wooden bench with head tilt

schnauzer sitting on owner's lap on wooden bench with head tilt

They were SO ready for their close up.

two schnauzers dogs extreme close up

These are composites of the two wall art collections I delivered yesterday.

The girls were on holidays at their “grandma’s” so this piece was a thank you gift for her.

Bella and Beryl are one of several matching pairs that I’ve photographed in the last 12 months. Did you find your breed and then get another of the same? There’s no better time than now to book a portrait session and get some beautiful portraits for your home. Drop me a line, let’s talk!

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