I had the K9Fun pack in the studio before Christmas. I’d made Suvee the Border Collie a new Ruffined Designs collar and I wanted a couple of snaps of it on her before it went home. Benji and Barry came along for the ride.

Barry is in foster care for Fetching Dogs but even though he’s made a dramatic improvement in the last 18mos he can still go for the bite if he’s unsure. He’s happy where he is and may never be listed for adoption but I took some photos for his profile anyway, in case that day ever comes!

While at the studio he asked for a collar too so I made him a little World Pride number, which he graciously came back to model when it was finished. And I didn’t get bitten, go me ????

(Kerstin likes bright colours, can you tell?!)

Click on the first thumbnail to open the full image and then scroll though the gallery using your arrow keys or the arrow buttons on the left and right of the image.

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