My little man turned one today. Because I can’t help myself I went way overboard despite saying never again the last seventeen times!

On Saturday I made donuts (based on a recipe by Chefs & Dogs) which I planned to decorate with homemade donut shaped dog jellies but they wouldn’t cooperate so they became a garnish instead. I also made toys out of socks and various types of balls, several of which he hasn’t destroyed yet!

The whole family went to the studio on Sunday for photos. In order to get some compliance out of Bruno they weren’t fed beforehand. Hence the good camera ears. After cake I changed the gross cake and drool covered backdrop and tried to do photos of Ninja opening his present but the dog who destroys everything doesn’t know how to unwrap a gift, SHOCKED! I canned that idea and moved onto the socks. Him and Butters had fun trying to give each other whiplash. Did you know Butters is 15.2% Neopolitan Mastiff? Can’t half tell in one of the pics!

In fairness, cake and photos aren’t the best birthday treat ever so I got up at the crack of dawn and took the red dogs out to the country for a spot of mud wrestling. It was all fun and games until their cold water hose off. It was either that or they were walking home.

I tried the present unwrapping again when we got home and he just stood there looking at me, looking at the box and then looking at me again! So I helped him and then he got the last of his presents – his favourite of which was a cow hoof covered in sprinkles. Thankfully the sugar didn’t turn him into a monster.

Ninja’s going for desexing next week. Maybe I was overcompensating so I don’t feel awful when he’s sad and sore from the surgery. Bruno’s going in to keep him company and have a bunch of skin tags removed (because they bleed when he knocks or scratches them). I’ll be the only one home to entertain Butters, please keep me in your thoughts ?

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I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again just in case you’re new here … I don’t offer birthday only / cake smash sessions but these type of photos can be included as part of your Studio Session if you bring the props, cake and balloons. Please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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