I wasn’t in the market for another foster puppy. It didn’t feel like that long since hurricane Kazi blew through our house! But then I answered a call from the boss lady at Fetching Dogs. She caught me totally off guard and within a few hours I was collecting this little man in a car park somewhere off the M5!

I think Malo is the first foster we’ve had that wasn’t a blockhead and I have to say I think I’m converted. Not converted to wanting a small horse like him but it’s so nice having a foster that I’ve no desire to keep because he’s not my type! Don’t get me wrong, we love him dearly and he’s such a good boy, so easy to foster, but I like my blockheads and my under 30kgs dogs and he won’t grow up to be either of those things so I have zero inner conflict. It’s refreshing.
I haven’t even been swayed by the fact that he’s an excellent photographer’s muse!
We all thought Malo would be snapped up but through no fault of his own the first two families who came to meet him decided not to adopt. The third meet he screwed up all by himself by being like a kid on red cordial, he was relentless with their dog and refused to be cuddled. I rewrote his profile after that and updated his photos because he had grown a lot in three weeks.

Everyone came to the studio last weekend while I did product shots for Ruffined Designs (not pictured is the new collar I made Malo since then, he looks very smart in it!). Since Bruno loves photoshoots with the foster puppy (not!) I did a few group shots for fun. How much does Bruno put the un into fun?!

So today we’re having meet and greet number four. Here’s hoping the stars align for Malo and he’ll be off to his forever home soon, much as we’ll be sad to see him go.

If you welcomed a puppy into your home recently you should check out my puppy diary fundraiser. It’s a not to be missed deal that helps raise money for other puppies like Kazi.

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