You know the way you can be talking about something and then Facebook shows you a bunch of ads for that thing? I guess Kazi is the universe’s version of listening to my conversation – I said I was clucky and then a photo of this little madam arrived in my inbox!
I asked one of the Fetching Dogs volunteer to look out for a blockhead puppy for me recently but forgot to tell her that I’d changed my mind and decided to wait another 6-8mos. When she sent me Kazi’s photo it was so I could adopt her but we ended up fostering her instead.

She was only 7wks old and I’d only had her for two days when she had her glamour shoot. She did ok but didn’t wow me with her modelling, like Butters did at her age (wearing the same jacket) so I didn’t immediately decide she needed to be foster fail number five!


While I was still deluding myself that maybe Kazi would be staying forever – despite Dave repeatedly telling me he was enjoying only having two dogs right now – I took her and the boys into the studio for a family shoot. Bruno’s face tells you exactly how he feels about her!

Unfortunately Kazi was only a temporary fix for my cluckiness and she’s off to her new home on the South Coast next week. She’s been a lot of fun to have around and by far the easiest foster puppy we’ve ever had. Butters has loved having a live-in playmate with as much energy as him. Bruno will shed no tears when she leaves but he hasn’t been totally offended by her! 

I’ve never cried when a foster has left and if she keeps chewing on the wooden outdoor furniture and digging holes I may even throw a party when she’s gone! In all seriousness though, if they decide to return her during the trial I’ll be having a long hard talk with Dave about adopting her. She’s a special one, even if I know deep down she’ll break my heart while trying to mould her into a good canine citizen.

You can see more videos and photos of her on all three of my instagram accounts.

If you welcomed a puppy into your home recently you should check out my puppy diary fundraiser. It’s a not to be missed deal that helps raise money for other puppies like Kazi.

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