After many rescheduled appointments, due to bad weather, Toffee finally had her long awaited Portrait Session in late November of last year. Her own back garden was chosen as the location where she’d be happiest and because she would be a potential flight risk if we went to a park. She took a little while to warm to the camera but luckily her “Dad” had her kryptonite on hand – sliced cheese! She also loved the toys I brought her so I had no trouble bribing a plethora of money shots out of her.

Click the play button below to see the full slideshow from her gallery and the finished products from Toffee’s artworks order, which will be hung at home and at work.

The title screen is a composite of the Superia collection, in the configuration that it will be hung.

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful life with beautiful artworks for your home please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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