It’s a verrrrrry long time since I introduced you to puppy Gus. It’s also a verrrrrry long time since I took these photos!

gus fat head
gus portrait
Gus took part in the Squishy Face Crew book project and his order was recently finalised so now I can share these images.
Gus side leg
gus profile
gus lying down in grass
Gotta love a spit bubble! Could I have Photoshopped it out? Sure I could have but where’s the fun in that!
gus spit bubble
gus on rock

Gus’ artworks are currently in production but I’ll share a video of them on my Facebook page soon.

If you love squishy faced dogs like Gus you can still purchase a copy of the SquishyFaceCrew book in my online store, click the button below to go there.

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