My friend Lisa owns an awesome doggy daycare in Botany called Happy Little Howlers. She invited me to her Christmas party and that’s where I first met Wynstan and his person. I wouldn’t usually fly solo to a party but when I know the dog:human ratio is approx 2:1 there are no excuses made!


Wynstan got a new little sister between the booking and the session and this was their first outing together. It’s hard when you suddenly stop being the baby, it took Bruno over a year to stop sulking about Butters, so I gave Wynstan lots of treats and attention. In return he was one of the best models to ever set foot in my studio! Also, one of the drooliest, but it’s ok, I own the second most drooliest so I’m well practiced at cleaning slobbery chops. You can check out a before and after here.


Would you just look at him all dapper and shit … and then less dapper and even more less dapper again!


At the end of the shoot baby Kitty tried her hand at modelling. NAILED IT!


These four images are currently being printed on metal to be displayed in the living room. There’s also a portrait box full of matted prints making it’s way to me. I’ll make a video of the order when everything arrives. Keep an eye on my social media for that.

2020-001-TheBlumenthals – Room – Screen Grab

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