Peanut Butter kicked off birthday season in our household. Because I’d gone to so much effort for his I felt obliged to do the same for Angel, Chopper and Bruno. And unfortunately all of their birthdays are within a month of each other!

Angel turned 15 less than a week after Butters. She doesn’t like leaving the house or having her photo taken so we compromised and exchanged cake for a few photos. Fair deal I reckon! The “cake” is a slice of Salmon Prime100 with peanut butter, cream cheese and yoghurt icing and blueberries. Not as fancy as Butters’ cake but there were zero complaints. ⁣⁣⁣

Angel 15

Two and a half weeks later it was Chopper’s special day. He turned 14 years young on Nov 9th. We celebrated with his first trip to my studio and CAAAAAKE! For those that haven’t been following me from the start of Ruthless Photos, this guy is the reason I bought a DSLR and subsequently became a pet photographer over a decade ago. He’s a retired model these days but he still knows how to do a good blue steel.


We finished birthday season on the 18th of Nov, exactly a month after Butters, with Bruno’s 9th birthday.

It’s been a rough year for him, since he got knocked off “the baby” position. He doesn’t dislike Butters but he has been very put out about having to share my attention. He’s been SO sulky recently I thought he might be sick so I asked the vet to check him out and run some bloods. Thankfully he’s fit and healthy, just in need of some spoiling.

So I took the day off work, dropped the annoying younger brother to daycare and went down the coast for some beach fun. I shared some phone pics on my Facebook page here. It was lovely to see him smile again. It made me realise I need to spread my time around more fairly and not just give it to the most demanding one!


I’m glad birthday season only happens once a year, it’s hard work!

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