I started the month with photos in the studio. I was playing with some different lighting so the youngest got to play model for me again. I’ve now learned that I can’t use food rewards unless I want to spend hours in Photoshop afterwards cleaning up the drool froth from around his mouth!

red pitbull type headshot with backlight in studio with navy background

This shot is one of those weeks where I put minimal effort into the project and now I have to pay the price of being stuck with an average photo. I still kinda like it though, it’s very him. Always watching me with those gorgeous frinkles.

red staffy lying on wooden floor with concerned expression

I dragged Butters back into the studio to make this image for Dave’s birthday card. We don’t buy each other presents (because we suck at it) but something homemade is never unappreciated. I couldn’t believe Butters let me do this to him, he’s such a tolerant dog. He was looking really serious in all the photos so I got the peanut butter out to create some funny faces. Result!

silly pitbull wearing four coloured party hats

Dave and I celebrate our anniversary and our birthdays around this time so it’s become a tradition to go to Jervis Bay for a week with the “kids”. We rent somewhere photogenic so I can take lots of photos of our lot. I wasn’t really in the mood this year, I was pretty exhausted and needed to recharge but I did manage to get quite a few of Butters being an idiot during his sunrise jaunts around the garden. And of course the annual family portrait which everyone (including lighting assistant Dave) thought was a bullshit idea!

four pit bull type dogs standing on front step looking tough
red pit bull type running in garden
gazelle dog
stalker dog
derpy dog
gazelle dog
ooops dog
ooops dog

I was shooting a commercial job around this time and Butters was selected as one of the models. These are some extras from the morning I did work while we were on holidays. The kid is growing into a handsome boofhead.

muscly red dog on wooden deck
pit bull in native bush
half sit on wooden steps

#9 in my Watch the Butterball Grow series. We’re on the home stretch now!

two pit bull type dogs on leopard blanket

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