It’s a sad day when a commercial client that I’ve formed a good relationship with leaves the company. But all is right in the world again when she starts a new venture and hires you to create images for them! Such was the case with Nuzzl.

Part of my job was to source models. I stay in touch with my clients and I like to give them first refusal on modelling gigs. I knew Zidane had a new little brother who was perfect for this, so Zulu got to be the very first dog to be photographed in my new studio. Before my own dogs even!

fawn french bulldog puppy sitting on blue backdrop with head tilted
fawn french bulldog puppy lying on blue backdrop with head tilted

I also needed a Cavoodle so super star Millie got offered the gig. (I’ll be doing her final Puppy’s First Year session soon, so stay tuned for more photos of her.)

red cavoodle sitting on white chair on blue backdrop
red cavoodle headshot with head tilt on blue backdrop

My friend Jayne and her gorgeous cat got roped into modelling as well. This may look like a sitting room but it’s actually the design consult room at my studio. I might move in there, it’s nicer than my house!


Team Nuzzl brought their own talent to the shoot as well (I won’t lie, it was a little chaotic with so many people, dogs and a child on set!). All the dogs did an amazing job but only one got rewarded with peanut butter.

red cavoodle

If you’d like me to create images for your pet brand I can now offer both on-location and studio sessions. My studio is purpose built for pets and it’s open seven days a week (by appointment).

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