Alfie’s person was working at The Canine Collective when she first came across my work (which is on display there). I knew Alfie from seeing him in their social media posts because he’d regularly go there for daycare. When I was at the Dog Lovers Show she came to say hello and subsequently bought my show special. I knew he’d be a very good boy because he’d attended Amy’s Puppy Preschool.

Alfie’d been groomed especially for his photoshoot so we started with some posed photos, while he was still all floofy!

happy cavoodle standing on a rock against big blue sky with sun shining
happy cavoodle standing on a rock looking up at camera smiling

Once we’d finished with posed photos his favourite orange ball came out to play. I couldn’t believe what a drivey little guy he was. I mean, he didn’t often catch the ball but he certainly put in a bloody good effort!

little oodle dog jumping for orange ball on beach

Once he was thoroughly wet and sandy it was my turn to get wet and sandy too. It wasn’t intentional but getting these shots meant I also needed to sit on a backseat protector for the drive home.

cute oodle dog lying on rock at ocean pool with head tilt
cute oodle dog standing on rock at sunset

This is a composite of the wall collection that now hangs in Alfie’s home. There’s a large acrylic block of the first image also. I guess you could call it his shrine!


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