The day before my last trip to Canberra I received a last minute booking from Donny the Saint Bernard’s owners. I only had a very early morning spot left but they didn’t mind the 5am start. They were rewarded with a pretty purple sunrise.
Donny is six years old. Although he has a heart condition and some arthritis he’s doing ok. He enjoyed running around in the cold and rolling in the rabbit poop!

Due to his breeding his eyeballs are deeper set than normal, in case you’re wondering why you can’t see them.

You know I’m all about the colours when I do my Autumn in Canberra sessions, so I just love this little spot with all it’s browns and yellows. Donny clearly didn’t share my excitement.
Donny’s people drove up to collect their order over the weekend and I got this message a few hours later which made my day …

Just got home and opened the packages, thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier!

I’ll be heading back down for more sessions in Canberra in the Spring so drop me a line if you’d like to secure a spot.

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