My session with Viggo’s owner and her puppy was in the works for many years before it became a reality. Originally it was to be with a puppy from a different litter but life threw her a curveball and she had to put that plan on hold. Luckily for everyone involved the launch of my fundraiser puppy diary project came at the perfect time – when Viggo was just a tiny ball of fluff and still with his mother. I don’t know who found the wait for him to come home longer, me or his owner!

bernese mountain dog puppy standing on bench at park with head tilt

bernese mountain dog puppy standing on bench at park with head tilt

We’ve had some rubbish weather so Viggo was less than tiny when we got to do his shoot. I think we can all agree that he was still A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. though!

bernese mountain dog puppy standing in the crook of a paperbark tree

bernese mountain dog puppy lying in the crook of a paperbark tree

You need to be especially careful with giant breeds when they’re young. Too much running or an awkward fall can lead to a lifetime of joint issues, so mister man only had a little bit of zoomies time. I think he enjoyed it thoroughly, what do you reckon?

bernese mountain dog puppy running through paperback trees on grass at park

Next we moved to higher ground to do some photos with my off camera lighting. Viggo was such a superstar and wasn’t a bit fazed by the experience.

bernese mountain dog puppy sitting on wooden box

bernese mountain dog puppy headshot against big blue sky with head tilt

I really had a hard time choosing just one photo for the diary, he gave me so many money shots!

bernese mountain dog puppy sitting on rock at park

happy smiling bernese mountain dog puppy

This is a composite of the storyboard that’s currently in production. It will be joined by a big 20×30″ frame of the second image in this post and some acrylic blocks and digital files. Lots of memories of that time when Viggo small enough to be lifted onto a park bench!

If you’d like to find out more about this project head on over to this page. There are still some spots available so please share with all your puppy owning friends.

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