adorable puppies 2018 diary

merle australian shepherd puppy smiling and happy in park

You just welcomed a new furball into your life and you’ve already run out of space on your phone because it is in fact the most adorable being on the planet. Suddenly your life revolves around this wide-eyed creature – scheduling puppy school classes, vet visits, playdates, etc. (Hopefully you had the foresight to buy a 2017 diary from me!) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your planning in 2018 could be done in a beautiful A5 diary that stars your very own pride and joy? A diary that supports groups that help rescue and rehome puppies that might not have had the best start in life.

Over the coming months I’ll be volunteering my time to photograph 12 pupstars who will then be featured in my best puppy diary yet.

charity puppy diary

100% of each participation fee will be put towards printing the diaries. The full price of each diary sold will be split amongst these three charities:
Fetching Dogs
Saving Staffies
Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

Participation fee
If your application is successful the participation fee is $100 per puppy.

– A 30-45 minute session at a Sydney location
– A private appointment at my studio to view your images and purchase products
– A Masterpet/Vitapet goodie bag
– Ruthless Photos and Ruthless Leather vouchers worth $200
Digital files, prints and/or the Adorable Puppies 2018 diary are not included in the participation fee.

Who can apply?
Owners of 8-12wk old puppies, any breed or mix of breeds. (If you missed the cut-off age and you own a blockhead or squishy faced pup you can still apply for one of my other two fundraiser projects.)

Click here to submit an application form:

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