As a long time insta-stalker of these gorgeous squishy faced boys I might have done a little happy dance in my chair when their owner booked a session! I couldn’t wait to finally meet them. Eventually mother nature cut me a break and let me schedule their shoot. We almost had a false start when we found that fox bait had just been laid at our location but thanks to Tails of Sydney I now know lots of places to shoot at, so off we went to an alternative spot nearby. Rex and Hercule were full of beans so I started by burning off some excess energy!

brindle pug mix running in park

Rex was up first. A tennis ball is his preferred toy.

brindle pug mix running in park with tennis ball in mouth

brindle happy frenchie running in park

Herc’s ball was kind of large. He looked like such a clown, I don’t know how he didn’t run into trees, it’s twice the size of his head!

french bulldog running in park with ball as big as his head

There isn’t much age difference between the boys and they’re the best of friends.

two black brindle dogs playing in park with tug toy

Rex is a Pug x Bulldog. Sometimes his ears sit properly but mostly he has the flying nun thing going on.

funny looking pug mix dog smiling

Herc is a Frenchie x Bulldog. I was told that he can be camera shy but his love of food helped me to get the job done.

frenchie looking shocked

You know what I’m going to say about this photo … TEEEEF!

french bulldog looking up with a funny face and teef

funny looking dog standing on stone steps looking up and smiling

Before the sun set we made our way down to the water’s edge to do some shooting with the bridge in the background. Their owner used to live in an apartment that looks over that bay so it was quite fitting that we ended up there.

big eared dog sitting in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge

sad looking dog sitting in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge


The series at the end were chosen for a quatro wall collection, which is currently in my studio waiting to be joined by a 12×12″ custom designed album. I just shared a digital page-turn of the album on my Instagram if you want to check it out.

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