Happy New Year everyone! I actually started this blog post on Christmas Eve but there came a time when I had to silence my inner workaholic and step away from my computer. It seems like a lifetime ago since these puppies were here. I’ve since been to the US and back and I’ve also done more manual labour than anyone should ever have to do during a heatwave! I officially go back to work tomorrow but I’ve already photographed ten puppies, answered a million emails and written three blog posts, so I guess you could say the silence has been well and truly broken.

The first post I’m going to share is some snaps I took of our last lot of foster puppies. Some time in December when I was in the thick of packing Tails of Sydney book orders I was sent a photo of a puppy with the same markings as Bruno, by one of my contacts at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, and asked if I’d like to foster her and some siblings. Because I’m a sucker with a capital S I said yes and our dog pack grew to seven the next day when I brought Mars, Sprinkles and Lollipop home. Through fostering and my volunteer work I’ve been around a lot of puppies in my time and I have to say that these were the most full-on ones I’ve ever encountered.

Bruno has always been great at teaching puppies boundaries but he really had to turn it up a notch with this lot. They weren’t here for long but they still got to learn some important life lessons in that time. I fell completely in love with Mars (the blue fawn boy) and wish with all my heart that we could have kept him. The bromance that was forming between him and Bruno was all kinds of adorable. There is a limit to my crazy dog lady tendencies though, and I know four dogs is enough, so I dropped him and his two sisters back to the shelter on Christmas Eve, where they all got adopted that day. (I thought Lollipop, mini-Bruno, was staying a bit longer so I didn’t take as many portraits of her.)

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To ease the blow slightly I was given another puppy, their sister Starburst. She never got to meet the big camera in the short time that she was here but I posted some stuff on my BTS Instagram account and here’s a video of her playing with Bruno on her last morning. Cute, much?!!

Much as Daveless and I both love having puppies here we’re taking a break from fostering. Angel, Chopper and Trixie are getting old and it’s time to let them enjoy their senior years in peace. (Don’t worry about Bruno, I know enough puppy carers to be able to arrange playdates for him, he won’t be deprived!)

I already mentioned my book but I’m going to give it another plug, because I can! Sydney Dogs and Cats Home are one of the beneficiaries of the Tails of Sydney project. Please buy a book to help support the great work that they do.

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