It’s definitely worth celebrating that all but one of these puppies spent Christmas with their new families. I got to see photos of those festivites too and it was very heartwarming. Little Sashi (second from the end) is still available and with a smile like that I’m sure she’ll have her own fairytale ending in no time as well.

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A few months ago I worked with Gap Marketing on the #WDpets campaign. They very kindly donated $200 worth of toys from Rupert&Dora in Paddington for me to give to Fetching Dogs. I did the handover at a shoot and afterwards the puppies got to have a play with some of the goodies. Much fun was had.

Fetching Dogs is completely self-funded. If you’d like to help support the work they do you can purchase a 2017 calendar and/or diary either from their website or from Rupert&Dora. They’re also a beneficiary of the Tails of Sydney project, so buying a book from either my website or Rupert&Dora will also help raise some much needed funds for them.

If you or anyone you know welcomed a new furry friend into the family over Christmas I’d love to hear from you.

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