Meet Tali, Wilson and Peaches!

I didn’t start the shoot with a group photo but I’m going to start the blog post with it. I began the session with about 15-20 minutes of getting the dogs to trust me. (While sitting in pee, this is such a glamorous job!) 13 year old Tali is blind and had just been diagnosed with onset heart failure. Wilson is also 13 but he’s quite a recent addition to the pack. He’s paralysed in his back legs so he has wheels to get around. Peaches is 3 and it was her that was most disgusted by me joining her circle. She really had a lot to say about it but food and patience won her over. She actually turned out to be a great little poser!

happy small white dog

smiling maltese rescue dog

happy running small white dog

Tali was supposed to be the easy one but being blind and mostly deaf in a park full of strange smells meant she was very distracted.

bling poodle sitting in park

male owner hugging senior dog

All it took were some cuddles before she was ready to work the camera.

elderly blind poodle sitting on bench

I believe Wilson is a bit of a celebrity and his many fans actually paid for his fancy wheels. He posed for photos with them on and off because he doesn’t wear them all the time at home.

cute rescue poodle lying in park

You wouldn’t know he’s 13, would you?

happy disabled poodle sydney dog

Even though this wasn’t a Tails of Sydney shoot I did end up using this photo in the book, on the intro spread for the Macarthur region. Wilson repping all the disabled dogs of Sydney! If you’d like to buy a copy it’s on sale in my online store. Use the code “xmascheer” for a $20 discount on each book purchased between now and Christmas Day.

disabled poodle with wheels

I received this lovely message from their owner yesterday …

“I am so sorry that I have taken this long to let you know how unbelievably happy I am with everything. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better, the images are fantastic and really show the kids just how they are. I will definitely be recommending you and have already started.”

I love creating memories like these for my clients. Get in touch with me today if you’d like to discuss booking a Portrait Session with your pets.

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