I met Charlie and Buddy very early on in the Tails of Sydney project because applicants with puppies got to go to the front of the queue. I never have very high expectations for puppies but Buddy was all over this modelling malarkey from the word go!


Cocker Spaniel puppy with funny face dogs of sydney

Big brother Charlie must have taught him a thing or two about puppy dog eyes.

Black Cocker Spaniel with sad eyes dogs of sydney

Black Cocker Spaniel dogs of sydney

Two cocker spaniels on a park bench

Cocker Spaniel puppy running

Two cocker spaniels running in park

Two dogs on a bridge

Cute tricolour spaniel puppy

Shaved spaniel puppy

Black dog in front of Anzac Bridge in Sydney

two spaniels in front of Anzac Bridge in Sydney

We had so much fun hanging out at the park. Not even a dog cocking his leg on my bag could have ruined the afternoon! (Ok, it wasn’t a high point, I’ll admit.) Their people have chosen a collection that includes an album, wall art and digital files to remember the experience.

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