One thing you should know about me is that I suck at keeping secrets. Actually that’s not entirely true, because I have a terrible memory so mostly I forget anything I’m told almost instantaneously. Back in 2012 I created a series of images for the Oscar’s Law book and part of the brief was to keep them under wraps until the book was published. It was hell. I love sharing the work that I’ve worked so hard to create!

Knowing that, I really don’t know why I told you all that I wouldn’t be sharing any of my Tails of Sydney images until the book is out. (Refer to my earlier comment about my memory!) I’ve done pretty well so far but now I want to share some with you and you know what? I made the rule so I can break it too.

Here are the highlights from Oreo’s shoot. He was an absolute joy to work with. At the end of the session when his owner was signing paperwork my assistant told her she was agreeing to give her dog to us. I should maybe add that clause to future contracts!


Boston Terrier in front of cool building dogs of Sydney

Boston Terrier with attitude sydney dog

Dog with batman mask

Handsome black and white dog

Portrait of a Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier on yellow table at the Goods Line dogs of Sydney

Boston Terrier against red brick wall dogs of Sydney

flying dog

dog tugging on toy

dog in the city sydney

These images are currently being handcrafted into an album, so Oreo will be starring in two books this year, proper order.

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