Are you ready for part three of my Tails of Sydney outtakes? (Previous posts can be seen here if you missed them.) I like seeing them all together each month and feeling a sense of achievement. It’s been one hell of a ride so far!

Bison the Boerboel took lying down on the job to a whole other level at his shoot in the Botanic Gardens. When a 65kg puppy (that’s right, he’s still growing) decides he’s lying down you just have to go along with it.

Brindle South African Boerboel dog at Sydney Botanic Gardens lying on side with tug toy in mouth

Reagan and Jake had their shoot at Sydney Olympic Park. It was the perfect location for two dogs that can’t be off-lead, there were plenty of things to tether them to! I later found out that one of the other participants in this project (also a Doberman owner) has her name etched on one of those poles as she volunteered at the Olympics.

Big dog Doberman standing over little dog Corgi at Sydney Olympic Park

We got up extra extra early for Lola’s session in Manly. The sunrise was SO pretty and our model did a superb job of not changing her expression the whole entire time – she’d make a great poker player!

Small dog standing in sculpture at Manly Corso in Sydney

Boo had her shoot at Woolloomooloo Wharf. If she looks sad it’s because her favourite ball had just fallen in the water, DEVASTATION!

Black and white dog standing at Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney

Beaucoup’s shoot was at Milsons Point. I’d been to this spot at the start of the project with another dog but the trains on the Harbour Bridge above were too much for her. As a (very successful) show dog Beaucoup is used to hustle and bustle and standing around so she wasn’t bothered one bit by the sounds of the city.

Vizsla standing under Sydney Harbour Bridge with Sydney Opera House in the background

Allie (ex Fetching Dogs) and Max (ex SDCH) had their shoot at Cronulla, their hood. When my alarm goes off on the morning of a sunrise shoot I wonder what the hell I was thinking booking the session for that time but when I get to the location and see how pretty the sky is it makes it all worthwhile.

If you’ve been following my work for a long time you might recognise Max – I did his adoption photos a few years ago and he did that same head tilt for me. I never met Allie when she was in foster care but I did photograph her two siblings. I thought they were Jack Russell mixes so I was surprised to see how big she’d grown!

Two white dogs at Cronulla Beach at sunrise

Jess Honeysuckle had her #tailsofsydney shoot on a beautiful Autumn day last week. She may be almost 12 and arthritic but she still loves fetching her tennis ball. She loves something else more though – water. I think she chased the ball twice before deciding that the duck pond looked very inviting. Lucky it was the end of her session.

Old Golden Retriever running with ball in Autumn leaves

This was Ziggy Stardust’s official Tails of Sydney outtake. I’ve only agreed to do a shoot at Sydney Park once before because it’s a realllly distracting environment for even the most well trained dogs. As a rescue dog who hasn’t been owned for all that long I was a bit concerned about doing Ziggy’s shoot there but, apart from a few times when her need to run kicked in, she really impressed me. Her person brought a lot of roast chicken, that may have helped.

Brindle whippet or greyhound dog licking nose at sunset at Sydney Park

Most of you will have met these two legends before. We had lots of fun during Flynn and Doug’s session in the back streets of the inner west. It was hard to pick an outtake because I reallllly want to share a money shot but I’ll have to wait, because I said at the start that I’m saving the best for the book and I’m going to stick to it!

Two kelpies standing on bin in front of graffiti on May Lane in Sydney

You may have noticed there are only nine photos here, instead of ten. One is a surprise for the owner so I have to keep it under wraps for now. All I can tell you is it’s a very cute puppy and it’s killing me to have to keep it a secret!

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