Miffy, the 12yo Keeshond x German Shepherd x Mastiff x some other breeds (according to her DNA test), had a portrait session on my recent trip to Canberra. Her people thought she was going to be a challenge, and when I pulled up and heard her barking her head off I thought the same, but she actually surprised us all.

headshot of old dog with grey muzzle

We kept her on lead for much of the shoot because, despite her seniority and arthritis, she was still considered a flight risk. I reckon she wouldn’t have strayed far from the nice treat lady though.

senior dog on cobblestones

Miffy was adopted from ACT RSPCA when she was a puppy and has been very loved for all twelve of her years. I think that’s why time has been so kind to her.

smiling old dog


Once it was deemed that the park was quiet enough, and there were enough of us to catch her if she tried to make a break for the border, she was unclipped to chase the ball a few times. There’s still plenty of drive left in this lady!

black dog running with pink ball

We leashed her up again for some shots at the entrance of the park. While we were there a people photographer was briefing his subjects for the shoot they were about to start, they were all very impressed with Miffy’s modeling. I was grateful that she didn’t make me look like a hack.

dog giving side eye at park

Canberra in Autumn is so pretty. If you wanted to get me down there for another weekend of portrait sessions next year you wouldn’t even have to ask me nicely.

dog lying beside lake burley griffin

smiling old dog with sunburst at lake

Miffy’s owners finalised their order recently and this canvas trilogy will make up part of their collection. Joining it will be a 12×12″ album, all the digital files and a phone cover.


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