Back in 2010 I photographed two Dobermanns for a lovely couple who, from memory, were some of my first “proper” clients. Sure I’d done a lot of portfolio building and a tonne of pro-bono work but this was the real thing, what I’d worked so hard for, and I was quietly terrified. I guess I did ok because earlier this year they hired me again! Bindi and Ralf have since passed and they now have two rescue blockheads, Jake and Mack. A few weeks ago I went to their house for a Portrait Session and then we went on-location for a Tails of Sydney shoot, so they could be in the book too.

It was a pretty hot day so I was delighted to walk into their new home and find the air con was on, it was bright, architecturally designed and suitable for indoor photos. After a little tour I decided to start with Mack. It was then that I realised he’s Daddy’s boy and Jake is Mommy’s boy and neither was happy that they’d been taken away from their favourites. Mack wanted to run back downstairs and Jake wouldn’t stay down!

brindle staffy waiting at door

brindle pitbull type lying on stairs

I tried all sorts of things to make inside work but it wasn’t to be and the dogs were getting stressed so we headed outside.


brindle pitbull type smiling

I found Jake’s weakness – a squeaky ball. He would do anything for it!

brindle dog playing with blue ball

smiling old pit bull type

Mack was happy to work for food. All of the food.

smiling staffy in a drop

brindle staffordshire bull terrier

He was partial to the tug toy as well. I was no match for him so he got to keep it!

brindle staffy tugging on a toy

On the way to the car I took some photos of Nick with his gym buddy. I’m guessing Mack’s muscles keep him inspired to pump that iron.

dog and owner in gym

When we got to Woolwich Dock I realised I’d actually been there three years ago to do rescue photos. (I have such a rubbish memory!) There are some very fancy boats there, including Wild Oats and Andiamo. The boys aren’t allowed off lead but I have plenty of easily photoshopped leads so keeping them safe was not an issue.

two brindle dogs at woolwich dock

Nick and Anna mentioned that they’d like headshots of each boy to hang with the headshots of Bindi and Ralf from their previous shoot. I had a noisemaker they hadn’t heard yet and it worked a charm to get these expressions in a distracting setting.

smiling staffy with head tilt

smiling senior staffy mix

I had planned to go to a lovely spot down by the water next but there was a wedding party and lots of children so we decided to head to the wharf instead. Can you imagine if this is where you started your commute to work every morning? You’d find it hard to complain, right?

two brindle dogs at woolwich wharf

two brindle staffies in front of Sydney skyline

By the time we wrapped up everyone was fairly tired and Jake pretty much summed up the mood with this gem!

pit bull type in car sticking out tongue

The two-legged members of the pack came to view their photos recently and chose a large metal print, a 12×12″ album and the digital collection. Here’s the print that will join Ralf and Bindi’s metal prints (if you want to see it full size you’ll have to wait for Tails of Sydney to be published). I’ll share an album flip through on my Instagram at some point.


If you’ve been thinking about getting your pets photographed I recommend you do it in the next six months, while it’s not too hot or stormy. You’ll find all the info on my website under the pricing tab (including some FAQs and a booking form).

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