I was very lucky to meet Lola on two days in a row back in early October. Her owner had requested a session at their local coastline and I wasn’t familiar with the area, so the day prior to her booking I went over with my elderbrat to scout the location. I always like to know where I’m shooting so I can feel fully prepared. It’s all part of the service. If you’re really lucky I’ll throw in a free playdate with the naughtiest Staffy that ever was!

We had a lovely stroll across rocks and through sand and I got to see how Lola behaved in lots of different situations. The next day I returned with all my equipment and the cool, calm and collected little dog from the day before was suddenly a very different creature. She definitely wanted my treats but was very unsure of the camera. I know I’ve said this a million times before here, but it’s amazing what some food and patience will do to help gain the trust of a nervous dog. She very quickly overcame any fear and presented me with a whole new problem … she needed to be within inches of the source of food at all times for the rest of the shoot!

funny looking mixed breed dog

Food, for me?

funny looking mixed breed dog doing a head tilt

funny looking mixed breed dog sticking tongue out

Lola is my favourite kind of dog … a rescue. Her owner was volunteering at a shelter and fell in love with this funny little face. Who could blame her?

funny looking mixed breed dog

Is she cheeky? You bet she is!

funny looking mixed breed dog smiling cheeky

I never cease to be amazed by the absolute beauty of this city I live in. How lucky are all us Sydney folk?

funny looking mixed breed dog doing a head tilt

The only thing I don’t like is that the sun sets on the wrong coast, but occasionally I manage to find a spot where I can use it as a big old rim light.

funny looking mixed breed dog licking it's nose

Sometimes the inches she needed to be within the food turned into barely millimetres. My poor stomach muscles have only just recovered!

extreme close up dog

Action shots were definitely not on the agenda for Lola, she’s more of an ambler than an action jackson. We tried, but staring at me longingly while I dispensed treats was more her thing. (Hooning around isn’t her thing on an average day, so capturing action wasn’t a requirement.) While we were trying to get this shot there were two super annoying Labs jumping around in my space with an even more annoying owner doing nothing to stop them. Lola didn’t break her focus for a second! I could see the tones in the reflection perfectly matched the tones in Lola’s coat and I wasn’t about to give up that shot. I was very grateful that my assistant (who doubles as my husband) was able to distract them with a tennis ball for several minutes which allowed me to work my magic.

funny looking mixed breed dog standing in water

Just as the sun dipped below the buildings and trees we jumped in Lola’s car (I’m pretty sure it really is her car, we had to ride in cattle class while she sat up the front) and quickly drove over to the other side of the peninsula to capture the last bit of sunlight and a tiny splash of colour on the horizon. There were about a million families with kids all around us, but again, Lola was an absolute trooper. If I ever need to cast a funny looking little dog for a commercial job I know exactly who I’m going to call!

funny looking mixed breed dog with off camera flash at sunset

It’s not easy to photograph reflective surfaces without a proper studio set up so this photo really doesn’t do these pieces justice but here’s a sneak of Tovah’s order – a 16 x 24″ acrylic and an 8×12″ float block. She also has a large album on lay-by but it’s being paid off in instalments so I can’t share it just yet. Keep an eye on my instagram account in a few months for a flick through.


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